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Roasted Portobello and Red Pepper Tacos

I made this last night after a girls trip to New York. And let me say we had a blast! Lots of shopping, eating, walking, talking and laughs! I have been blessed with a ton of great friends and 5 of my best friends went with me on this trip. It was so much fun to get all dressed up each night for our fancy dinners. We ate Italian, Authentic Chinese, some of the best steak in midtown, Japanese at the famous Nobu 57, where we had spicy martinis and were loud and having fun! One of my faves was The Meatball Shop in Chelsea, recommended by a friend who lives in the city. This seemed to be where all the locals went. So after having "Balls Benedict" at The Meatball Shop, a much needed healthy meal was in order when I got home to reel it back in! We ate like kings, shopped til we dropped, gave up sleep for fun and laughed like little girls.

After this trip I was feeling exhausted and ready for some healthy as well as declicous meals when I got home. I always say balance is key. Have fun. Enjoy life. Get back on track. This recipe is great on flavor, light on the stomach and definitely a healthy option. A great addition to your menu. Hope you enjoy!