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Juice Plus+

I was approached about JuicePlus+ and my initial reaction to just meeting to learn more about it was, "Not really interested". I had no intention of building another business or “selling supplements” because my idea of being healthy is learning how to be balanced and eat clean. As I began to learn more about JuicePlus+, I learned that it was NOT a supplement. JuicePlus+ was is basically vine-ripened fruits and vegetables that were juiced then dried at low temperatures (to preserve the live enzymes) and put into a capsule form. I loved that is was just clean-whole food! Then I discovered that JuicePlus+ offered a children's study that would allow my children to take the product for FREE. I am always trying to cook healthy and make sure that my kids get a well balanced meal. I began to realize that I was excited over the 3 asparagus spears they were eating at dinner and that clearly was not enough vegetables for them. Trying to get the proper food in our children is hard. There's always something going on, whether it's a party, at a friends house or just pizza night, that keeps us as parents from really making sure our kids get the nutrition they need.  Did you know that it's recommended that teenage boys get 9-13 servings of fruits & vegetables and adults get 10? This is why I partnered with JuicePlus+ and have my whole family on it.  We don’t use it in place of eating real foods, but rather to bridge the gap when we can’t meet our daily requirements. Honestly, it just gives me peace of mind.


We all know we need to eat a largely plant based diet full of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables every day. The USDA recommends 7-13 servings a day or half your plate at each meal full of fruits and vegetables.  And we all try hard to do that, but some days…ok, most days…it can be so difficult to do!  When you throw kids and their activities in the mix, it’s almost impossible. JuicePlus+ is simply capsules and/or gummies full of 30 different fruits,vegetables and berries. REAL fruits, vegetables, and berries.  It has a Nutrition label and not a Supplement label because it is 100% REAL food. There are NO Warnings on the product becasue it's just food. And it acts like food in your system as proven by over 30 published medical studies on cardiovascular health, inflammation, oxidative stress, immune response, and even  skin and gum health.


JuicePlus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day.  I believe that eating real foods in addition to bridging the gap with JuicePlus+ so I want to offer my clean eating detox program for free with a purchase of the Garden & Orchard blend or the Garden, Orchard & Vineyard Blend. Not ready to detox but want support, encouragement and recipes?  You can also receive one of my Cooks for free with a JuicePlus+ order.


It is FREE for children if you sponsor your child and enter him or her in the Juice Plus Children’s Health Study. With an adult purchase (or child over 13) you can get free capsules or chewables for your child up to College age. You just have to answer a short survey periodically.  It takes just 5 minutes.

You can purchase  JuicePlus+ right from my website here. If you wish to enroll in the Children’s Health Study or have any questions about the product or my programs, please contact me here and I’d be happy to answer them for you.

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