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Style of Training


Some of my favorite workouts just use your body weight! I focus on a combination of strength and cardio during a workout. This will increase and decrease your heart rate during a workout and allow for a better calorie burn and increase your metabolism.


A focus on core is a must! While this protects your back it also gives you strong abs enabling you to challenge yourself more. I will customize a program for you integrating circuits and HIIT style workouts, using a combination of moves that will shock your body. For the body to make changes, we have to change our routine and wake up the muscles. When we continue to do the same thing week after week, just like anything else, our body gets used to it and it no longer challenges the muscles. When you change your routine regularly you will notice changes in your body, weight loss, inches lost and you will become stronger. This will also increase your cardiovascular system as well as helping to maintain a healthy heart.


Let's get strong!

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