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A healthy dish for your party this week!

Italian Quinoa Salad

I always take a healthy dish to a party so I have a healthier option to choose from. This is a great hardy dish to share at any holiday party and it’s pretty and colorful with red, white and green!

Ingredients: 1 cup quinoa, 1 can of chick peas rinsed and drained, 2 tbsp capers, 1 cup grape tomatoes halved, 1 cup sliced cucumbers, 1/4 cup feta cheese, 1 bunch of Italian parsley, 1/2 cup kalamata olives (pitted), banana peppers, 1/4 cup of Lite Italian dressing, salt, pepper, basil, oregano or Italian seasonings to taste.

Recipe: Cook quinoa as directed on package. (I always add a couple garlic cloves while it cooks). While quinoa is cooking chop your parsley, cucumbers and tomatoes. After quinoa has cooled pour into your serving bowl and add tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, chick peas, capers (I add a little extra because I love the taste), and parsley. Mix together to get the ingredients distributed evenly throughout the quinoa. Then add Lite Italian dressing, Italian seasonings, salt and pepper to taste and stir. Top with feta cheese and garnish with banana peppers and your done! Enjoy!

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