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Are you ready to get healthy and strong?

I have a passion to help others become healthy and strong so that they can be equipped to do that for which they have been designed. Feeling healthy and strong is good for the body, soul and spirit.

Strength Healing offers personal one-on-one training, accountability, guidance with your physical and nutritional habits as well as healthy-cooking classes. I will guide you through a process of learning to be balanced and applying new concepts to your lifestyle one day at a time.

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Your assessment will measure your resting-heart rate, cardiovascular fitness, percentage of body fat, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, weight and body measurements. Based on these assessments, coupled with your fitness goals, a free individual exercise program will be designed especially for you through my one-on-one training sessions.

For the more experienced individual, it provides the opportunity to review, update and/or expand on an already-existing program.


Tel: 864-525-0623

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