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The "Cook"


I felt impressed to start this Cook when so many women were asking me to help them with healthy cooking options. My goal is to cook a healthy meal that actually tastes good. I want to cook meals that my family will enjoy, and at the same time know that it's healthy for them. I started with just a handful of people and it grew rapidly. The demographic of people who come range widely. Some people don't know there way around the kitchen as well as others, some that love the kitchen but need help with healthy options and others who are just stuck in a rut with cooking the same meals week after week. Each time we get together we cook a new recipe. Some recipes are more hands on than others. I give tips and ideas that you can take and use at home. While our meal is cooking we use this time to just have community with one another and inspire healthy living. It's a great time to be surrounded and encouraged by others that are on the same path of wanting a healthier lifestyle. When the meal is complete we enjoy it together!


The "Cook" can also be customized for you! I offer couples cooking groups, girl's nights and dinner party cooking groups that can take place in your home with your friends. It's a fun and new way to spend time with your spouse or friends and learn to cook together.

For more detailed information on customized "Cooks" please contact me.

Our next Cook will be on

Thursday, May 18th

6:30pm until 8:30pm

I will have samples from Olive & Then Some as

well and door prizes courtesy of Olive & Then Some.


Salmon with Pesto over Kale & Quinoa Salad 

The cost of this Cook will be $40 per person. 

Includes Cooking Lesson, All Ingredients, A complete meal to enjoy,

2 Complimentary glasses of wine & complimentary samples

from Olive & Then Some.

To take advantage of my 3 for $75 offer.

A total savings of 45 making it $25 per Cook.

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