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15 Years Later & Another Rainy Day

On a rainy day, April 29th, 2000, I was not thinking of where I would be in 15 years. I was thinking "Why is it raining on my wedding day!". My wedding was outside and all was planned for the fabulous day until thunder came rolling in. How could this be? This was my day! How sweet my heavenly Father was to make it more perfect than I could even plan. With all of the outdoor chairs wet from rain no one could sit in them, so we all crammed into this little house downtown Greenville known as the Kilgore-Lewis house. As the rain tappered off, friends and family begain to make their way back outside to the front lawn as nobody was hiking back to the garden where the ground and chairs were wet. At this point my stomach was aching and I wanted to cry but didn't want to mess up my make-up. Everyone around me was trying to make me feel better by their kind words of "It's going to be ok" and "You know rain is good luck on your wedding day". Well, it was better than ok. It was beautiful. We got married on the porch of the house facing the lawn while everyone watched from the front of the house. It was differenent in that we faced everyone at the wedding as my dad and my Uncle Thomas married us. It was extra special to be given away and married by my dad, a man my soon to be husband was like in more ways than I knew.

What I did not realize is really what kind of man that I married. A man that I had loved since I was 13, yes, but did not know what God had truly blessed me with. A man that lets me be me. Who God created me to be. I have found through these 15 years that is rare. A man who loves God and wants what his heavenly father wants for him. A man that loves his family and wants to provide in everyway he can. A man that can fix anything. A man who loves friendship and community as much as I do and understands how important it is to me. A man who loves his children to his core. A man who encourages me in any endeavor I attempt. A man I can laugh and cry with. A man that I am proud to call husband. A man who tells me everyday that he loves me. The boy I fell in love with became the man that I prayed for. Each success, failure, happiness and sadness has molded us into the bride and groom we are today. I know God has great plans for our future and I am excited about them. Was the rain good luck? I call it a sweet blessing to our marrage from Abba.

Happy Anniversay Brad

I love you on this rainy day.

April 29, 2015

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