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Private Sessions
Private sessions include more than just the workout. Along with your training sessions, you will have daily accountability, guidance, meal ideas and the cooking group.


Call or Email for pricing on your  Customized Program

Circuit Training
Don’t have an hour to spare?
Want to get the most out of your time?
Get a full body workout in just 30 minutes! Burn Calories and Build Strength.
Circuit Training is the most effective way to burn the most calories. 
$99 for 6 Weeks
Classes held at
Master Kim's Tae Kwon Do Institute. 
1618 Woodruff Rd., G'ville, SC
Email me today to join a group.



Hybrid Training
A mix of group fitness and personal training. An opportunity to get personal training in a group atmosphere. More than just a class!
8 One Hour Sessions: $160 
24 One Hour Sessions: $140/mo
Held twice a week at
Master Kim's Tae Kwon Do Institute. 
1618 Woodruff Rd., G'ville, SC
Wednesday & Friday Mornings: 9:30am, 10:30am
Email me today to join a group.
Contact us now
for your free

Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private sessions, group sessions and cooking group.

Duet Sessions
Duet sessions are a great way to be accountable with someone. Working together towards your goals and encouraging one another can increase motivation!
8 One Hour Sessions: $225
Cooking Group
Don't know how to cook? Stuck in a rut? Want to make it healthy? You will learn new healthy recipes, tips in the kitchen and be encouraged! We will cook together and enjoy the delicious meal together. These are held every two to three weeks.


1 Cook - $40



2 Cooks - $60



3 Cooks - $75



Specialty Cooks vary in price


Private Cooks: Email for pricing

Couples Night, Girl's Night,

Dinner Party Cooking Group

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