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Challenge Runs December 1-12

  • Do you want to glow and feel healthy in your holiday dress?

  • Do you want to avoid the 5-10 pound holiday weight gain?

  • Would you like to actually stay on track with your health goals this year, like you say you will do every year?

  • Would you like to do so in a fun way with a lot of awesome support?

  • Would you like to make this year different?

  • Your Solution is here.




Move over BLAHS it’s time for the 12 days of Christmas Healthy Holiday Challenge! How would you like to coast through the holidays feeling healthy and supportive? Would you like to have energy for the busy season ahead so that you can ENJOY this special time? This program is structured so that you can still enjoy your holiday drinks and treats but prevent sugar overload and weight gain that leave you feeling tired and BLAH. Set yourself up for success because you’re worth it!




What do I have to do?

  • Start your day with a morning detox drink

  • Eat whole foods and embrace the *secret weapon* of no gluten, dairy & limit sugar to 30g daily

  • Drink 1/2 gal to 1 gal (2-3L) of water daily

  • Exercise 30-60 min most days of the week

  • Sleep min 7 hr recommended nightly

  • Bridge the gap by taking the Juice Plus+ Trio daily

  • Drink 1 Juice Plus+ Complete shake per day.

  • The key is to do the best you can while enjoying the holidays. No judgement, just support!



What’s included?

√ Smoothie Recipe Guide

√Family friendly recipes

√ Private Facebook forum with LOTS of support

√Workout ideas

√ Access to functional nutrition health coaches,

registered dieticians, personal trainers, and more.



If you want to join the private online event, email me here.

To order your  Orchard, Garden & Vineyard blend (30 fruits & veggies), click here.

Remember you get a FREE Child’s order (up to age 22 with College email) with every adult order so it’s really buy one get one free.

or  the Orchard & Garden blend (20 fruits & veggies), order here.

To purchase the Complete Protein Powder, order here.

Want more information about these fruits & veggies in a capsule?  Click here. 

You can also send a message to me here and I’d be happy to talk to you about it.    

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